Rick Dunn, Ph.D.

rdunn [at] tnfury [dot] com

Rick Dunn, Ph.D., has spent the past three decades teaching, leading, and coaching young leaders.

He is the author of several books and articles related to the development of character and leadership in the lives of adolescents and young adults, including “Shaping the Spiritual Life of Students” (Intervarsity Press).

Rick has been a women’s assistant coach at the Division III level as well as coaching in recreational and competitive basketball leagues for the past several years.

Rick’s philosophy of coaching focuses on aggressively challenging the opponent in all phases of the game, especially defensively.

Rick founded the Tennessee Fury with the intention to combine basketball excellence, in individual fundamentals and in team play, with an intentional commitment to develop strength, leadership, and character in the lives of young athletes.

Rick envisions Fury as a comprehensive youth basketball program which simultaneously raises the level of basketball excellence in East Tennessee while also raising up the next generation of leadership excellence for the region’s schools and communities.